Our purpose is to bring nature closer to you, by providing you with the most environmentally conscious products.

Connecting nature &U

Our purpose is to connect you not just with the BEE’s but also with nature, by providing you with the purest and most ethically sourced products. To do this, we go straight to the source, research and investigate all of our suppliers to ensure that we deliver what we promise.
Buying because products directly protect bee’s.

The BEEcause

All of 2016 and 2017, we found ourselves rescuing bees around Perth’s residential suburb’s. These hives were under threat of being terminated. These rescue missions were voluntary. We were doing everything out of pocket including buying all the boxes and tools and spending days to ensure that all the bees had been safely relocated. Soon we realize we needed to make our rescue missions sustainable and that’s when Beecause was born.

Today, we are Australia’s leading Bee textiles and signature products manufacturer, creating eco-friendly clothes and home textiles to bring you and your home closer to nature.

Our packaging comes with free flower seeds that we encourage you to grow in your garden to welcome the bees and the butterflies to your home environment.

Proceeds from the sale of every BEEcause product, goes to creating sustainable Bee and wildlife sanctuaries, as well as to support women’s social enterprise projects in Australia & Pakistan. We thank you for your support.


BEEcause has partnered with the most ethical beekeepers around western Australia, who maintain healthy hives and do not use any substance dilution, unnatural extraction methods or unnatural feed for the bee’s. This ensures, that what you get is 100% pure Australian Wildflower or bush honey produced by bee’s.

We visit all our supplier beehives, we ask questions to ensure they are not over harvesting their hives, this means that the bee’s will have plenty of food for themselves. We visit the surroundings to see what kinds of flowers the bee’s are being exposed to, and then send each hive’s honey to the lab for testing. Once the supplier passes these processes, we sign a partnership agreement with them.

  • Our supplies are very limited and sell out quickly.
  • Pickup locations available around Perth, delivery available for orders over 50$.
    $10 delivery charge.
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Our garment range is coming soon.

We are very excited, as we have sourced the purest fabrics and dyes to bring to you our range of quality textiles & garments that are guaranteed chemical free in plastic free packaging.

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