With the highest standard of construction from 100% hemp linen, this bedding is the business. Naturally thermoregulating, hemp will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Antibacterial properties mean you won't have to wash your bedding as regularly.

Beecause aims to create spunky garment and home textile designs featuring bees. Why bees…. Beecause bee’s are one of the most critical pollinators and critters that help sustain human survival. Without the bees there will be no food crops. Beecause aims to donate part of the proceeds of every sale towards setting up bee sanctuaries around Australia first and then around the world, encouraging indigenous bee keeping practices and protection of bees.

Our packaging will also be environmentally friendly, and plastic free. We are currently sourcing edible biodegradable plastic which has recently been innovated in Indonesia.
Our products will be sold through our online store beecauseessentials.com and through select retail stores world wide.

In a year, beecause aims to set up a foundation to create bee sanctuaries first around Australia, and slowly around the globe. This will be our efforts to save the bees as they are a threatened species globally due to the use of chemicals and pesticides being used in agriculture production. When someone buys a beecause product they will be supporting the cause to protect bees.